Ladies, How to Reach Your Body Goals

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Ladies, How to Reach Your Body Goals

My name is Gray! I’m a qualified nutritionist and online coach, and the proud owner of Team Grayann (@team_grayann). As a female, the idea of weight loss is always the most popular, spoken about topic. But, no one ever takes the time to realise that not everyone’s goals are the same and that building muscle is a task in itself. I, for one, can speak from experience. 

When it came to starting my fitness journey I was urged into the same direction that most females are: weight loss. Did I need to lose weight? NO! I was never someone who was bigger nor did I struggle with my weight. But when going to a gym, society told me that’s what I needed to do. 

I was told I needed to do hours of cardio in order to reach my “dream physique.”

Sound familiar? Are you someone who doesn’t really want to lose weight and don’t know where to start? 

You want to build muscle and be strong!! 

Yeah me too girlfriend! As females, we are quite often told that we need to eat less. That salad bowls and veggies are our only options. Well.. THEY AIN'T! We’ve got to eat big to grow those muscles! 

Let me educate you! 

When it comes to gaining muscle we need to sit in what’s called a calorie surplus. This basically means consuming more calories then we burn. This will cause your scale weight to slightly increase (don’t freak out, this is a good thing! We can’t build muscle by losing weight.) Although our goal is to build muscle we also want to minimise the amount of body fat we put on at the same time (get comfortable with the fact you will put on a little. But it’s for a purpose and when you’ve grown that booty you’ve always been dreaming of, you are going to thank me.) 

A simple key to working out your overall calories is below: 

  • Protein: 1.6-2.2 x your body weight (if your 60kg this will be 60x1.6 (-2.2) = protein target of 96-132g per day 
  • Fat: the minimum essential requirement is 0.4x your body weight but I would go anywhere from 0.6-1 x your body weight (to be on the safe side and making sure you're consuming enough fats for optimal body functions). If you're 60kg that would be 36-60g per day.
  • Carbohydrates: these make up the remainder of your calories. This number is going to vary dependant on your individual stats and lifestyle.

** Disclaimer: this is not exact numbers just used as an estimate 

Add these Vanilla Milkshake Overnight Oats to your meal plan:

Now that our nutrition is sorted, it’s time to train! Don’t waste your time doing generic cookie cutter programs that change every week. Stick to something tailored to you and your body goals. If you want to grow a booty there is no point training chest 4 times a week and glutes only once (p.s. I can help with creating both tailored nutrition and training programs. Shameless plug...) 

Now, your base foundations are going to be your nutrition and training. Consistency here is going to see those results shine. Our little sprinkle on top of our muscle growth cup cake is our supplements. Remember, as I always say, these are not essential but they can be a useful tool in our tool box to add that icing on top of our journey.

My 3 fave sups for muscle building include: 

  • WPI (my downright favourite and go to is Rule1. Good on its own or mixed in anything, the quality is next level. My fave flavours are the choc mint or chocolate biccy. Let me know your fave flavour)
  • L-Carnitine 

(I have two faves here and you can’t make me choose. I love the Essential Amino in Rainbow Candy flavour. This one has a little bit of caffeine in it so gives my workouts that little kick. The pineapple flavour straight BCAA. If you have a sweet tooth or want your training session to taste like a tropical dream, this is your go to )

All of the above I don’t just recommend but I actually take every single day. Rule 1 is my go to brand for ALL my supplement needs and it took me a long time to find a brand that is filled with good quality ingredients and tastes GREAT!! No lie, once you try a Rule1 product you won’t ever want anything else.

Well that’s all from me! Reach out if you ever have any questions or just to chat.

Eat up, train hard and let’s grow girlfriends!! 

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