Training / by Josh Dickinson - 10 months ago

Holiday Dumbbell Destruction

It always ends up a good change of pace, challenges me mentally and it lets me obtain a solid workout (and more times than not, I learn something new too), even when you only have bare minimums.

Training / by Josh Dickinson - 11 months ago

Why Am I So Sore? DOMS 101

We refer to DOMS as the pain and stiffness that you may temporality feel after a workout. Generally brought upon via a strenuous or unaccustomed degree of exercise-induced stress, and this discomfort can last from several hours to several days.

Training / by Josh Dickinson - 10 days ago

When is less, MORE?

You don’t want to waste your time with ineffective workouts. You want to make sure (guarantee) that every time you go to the gym, you are leaving with a sense of satisfaction knowing that you “just got the job done”.

Lifestyle / by Josh Dickinson - 1 months ago

Winter Survival Plan

Winter is just around the corner, and for many of us that will be embracing the comfort foods, hearty soups and assorted roasts with extra potatoes smothered in gravy just like mum used to make.

Lifestyle / by Josh Dickinson - 3 months ago

Avoid the Post Comp Blowout

Many athletes are getting on stage for the first time, seasoned veterans trying to beat their previous performance’s and “internet showdowns” being played out on stages far and wide across the land.

Weight Loss / by Josh Dickinson - 8 months ago

The Best Summer Shred Tips

There are many aspects that go into effectively burning body fat, from the foods we eat to the movement we do; though often we tend to fixate on one variable as if that will be the sole instigator of pleasure or pain.

Training / by Josh Dickinson - 5 months ago

Calculating Your Performance

During my formative years of lifting (let’s say my first 20), I progressed when I felt I warranted an increase. If I achieved my set number of reps with a prescribed weight, I would increase the load.

Nutrition / by Josh Dickinson - 6 months ago

Metabolic Damage - Rare or Real?

Metabolic damage is defined as the physiological adaptations that take place when someone is in a calorie deficit for too long. In other words, when the diet used to obtain a certain body composition goal is too severe.


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